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Aberdeen Technical School

Graduate Class of 1963













January 2001 cont'd

  • Respectively I got your mail as well as Joseph Wong's mail to look at the ATS63 site. I looks as if there  are more years to come into the internet as it was suggested a few years ago. Please go direct to Mr. Chu of the atsoba so that he may up-date the ats63 into the  link of the Spider Net, namely atsoba.
    I surf the teachers web but regret to say I do not know one of the teachers. 
    BTW I shall send some Wah Mui to Fr. Deane soon.


    Luke from London
    [23 Jan 2001]

  • In response to Joe Wong's trivia: "I read from an old ATS school magazine that our class had 41, there was also a group picture. Who can verify this?"

    I have a photo which shows our class of all 41 boys.
    I cannot attach my pic in this "feedback" column.
    I'll try "email". See if it works. Failing this, I'll email to Francis Ip.

    I suggest to creat a collection of all photos taken in ATS during our time from 1958 to 1963. Some of you might want to extend it from 1956 to 1963 to include primary school years. Then post them in "PHOTO" column. Are we limited to a total of 50 meg of web page storage space? Can we negotiate and expand it to say 100 meg to take more photos?
    However, photos can be compressed from 2meg to 1k or less to save space. Or, move to another site with bigger capacity.
    I think these photos will bring back pleasant memories and promote a sense af unity & closeness among our boys.

    Francis Pang Edmonton Canada Jan.23 '01
    [23 Jan 2001]

  • Hi all:

    The attached photo was taken in Dec. 28 1961 when we were in Form IV. =
    There are actually 43 boys in the pic.
    It includes 41 ATS63 boys and the Class Rep of ATS62 & ATS64.

    Please also view my comments in the "Feedback" Section.

    Francis Pang ATS63 Edmonton Canada
    [23 Jan 2001]




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