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Aberdeen Technical School

Graduate Class of 1963













Overview of the Class 1963 Web Site

Page Layout

A page is designed to fit a printed page of size 8.5" x 11" with one inch border on the the left, right, top, and bottom of the page. Each page is generally divided into 2 sections. In the following is a brief description of each section.

  1. Top: This consists of a table with three rows. The width of the table is 672 pixels. The top row has two columns with the first column for displaying ATS' school crest. The second column displays the common heading in both English and Chinese. The last two rows of the table are for displaying the hyperlinks for inter-site, intra-site, and external site.

  2. Bottom: This section has a table with two rows. The first row is one column with row (or cell) height of 715 pixels. This fixed height is a visual guide to ensure that the page doesn't go over a printed page. The second row has 5 columns. This row is to store navigational means to traverse between related pages and backup to the topic index page or the home (i.e. Welcome) page. Again, the table is 672 pixels in width.

Notes: -

  1. Use "ATStemplateBase.htm" as the basis for laying out a page.

  2. Place page content within the first row of the Bottom section. Make sure that cell does not go over 672 pixels in width and 715 pixels in height.

  3. When tables and/or graphics are placed in the content area (i.e. first row of Bottom section), make sure that combined width doesn't go over 672 pixels and combined height doesn't go over 715 pixels.

  4. Check the hyperlinks carefully of the navigation row (i.e. Previous, Index, Home, and Next).



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