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Aberdeen Technical School

Graduate Class of 1963













Francis Ip (Yui Lim)

In mid-July 1968, I emigrated to Canada and landed in Windsor, Ontario. I worked as a cabinet maker in Trend Mill Works Inc. until December. Boy! I was really underpaid and over worked. I was a fully qualified card carrying member of the carpenter union. A local apprentice got $2.25 an hour while I got only $1.75 an hour. One thing that we should thank Fr. Martin for is that he got Department of Transport of UK to recognize ATS' diploma as a testimonial for completing full apprenticeship of our trades (electrical, mechanical, and wood working).

In January 1969, I moved to Kingston, Ontario and worked as a Traffic Analyst in the Eastern Region of Department of Highways of Ontario. Because of my experience back in Hong Kong, I could finish my assignments very quickly. For, instance, I could finish a traffic signing layout in one and half days. Normally,  it would take my colleague two weeks to finish.  That didn't sit well with my colleagues, if you know what I mean. I expressed interest in using computer from time to time, so the Regional Traffic Engineer transferred me in October to Toronto Head Office where the computer was located. At the time, Dr. Wong, a lecturer from Hong Kong University, was working there. I think Dominic Mak still remember him.

From that point on, I progressed from Transportation Planner to Engineering Officer primarily working on Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering Systems and Software. Over the years, I completed a number of transportation planning and traffic research studies. I also either participated or led a number of projects such as: Planning, Programming, Budgeting System; Ramp Metering and Freeway Surveillance System; Geographic Information System; and Data Warehouse (Data Bank) for Land Use, Transportation Planning, Traffic Study, and Strategic Planning.

While working full time at the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (previously Department of Highways) of Ontario, I did part-time university study. In 1975, I finished my first Bachelor of Arts of degree at York University in Mathematics specializing in statistics and numerical computing. In 1979, I completed my second degree, again at York University, a B.A. Honours in Computer Science.





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