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Aberdeen Technical School

Graduate Class of 1963













Francis Ip (Yui Lim)

In October 1979, I left the Ministry and entered the Management Consulting world. I joined Hutchinson Smiley Ltd. as a Senior Consultant. I successfully delivered a number of projects on times and within budgets in a number of industry sectors including  Health Care, Oil & Gas, Financial, and Government.

In the Spring of 1984, I was sent to Saudi Arabia to survey the market conditions for Hospital Systems. My sponsor in Saudi Arabia had the quota for a British Construction Manager at the time. So, I flew to London, England to get my entry permit. With powerful influence from within Saudi Arabia, I finally got the entry permit within a week, because the time limits for my application expired at the time of my initial submission. Instead of carrying out my original mission, my Saudi sponsor asked me to do a strategic planning work with him pertaining to his 2 billion dollars multi-facet businesses in Saudi Arabia. That was my first strategic planning assignment in the private sector.

After returning from Saudi Arabia in July 1984, I formed my sole proprietary consulting practice - SoTA (State of The Art) Consulting. My practice focuses on "Integrated Business & Information Technology Strategic Planning", "Systems Architecture", and "Project Management". It is, however, really tough to compete against the first tier consulting firms such as Arthur D Little, Booz Allen & Hamilton, and the like.

I never stop learning. The more you know, the more you know that you don't know. What a paradox! In 1985, I got my graduate diploma (half of a Master Degree) in operational research from Industrial Engineering at University of Toronto. Again, I did it on a part-time basis. Since the release of the Internet to the general public, I enrich my knowledge by surfing on the net. Nowadays, I hardly purchase books or attend courses anymore.

I have no plan to retire. Can't afford to retire anyway. Hahaha!

What I learned over the years is: there is always an inherent conflict between following professional ethics and playing organizational politics.






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